Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a phone system application that prompts callers with recorded messages and options and processes voice input and/or touch-phone keypad selections from these menus. The IVR script responds to this input by providing appropriate information in the form of voice answer or provides a connection to a "live" operator. Other terms for this application are AVR (automated voice response) and ARU (automatic response unit). IVR can also be just one component of many other phone functions including automatic call distribution, database access, voice message broadcasting and automatic dialing processes. Common IVR Phone Applications ivr applications * Call center routing * Bank balance inquiry * Stock lookup and quotes * Customer satisfaction surveys * Political polls * Order entry and tracking * Information lookup * Movie schedules, etc The application of IVR technology is limited only by the imagination and needs of our clients and development staff. Here are just a few of the industries and areas of IVR application. * Advertising Services * Emergency Information * Communications Services * Community Information * Customer Services * Collections Payment * Education Services * Entertainment Schedules * Financial Information * Fund Raising and Volunteers * Government Information * Health and Fitness * Phone Surveys * Clinical Trials * Business To Business Services * Health Care Information * Human Resources Communication * Insurance Services * Business Locator Service * Marketing Information * Mortgage Applications * Political Information Services * Publication Subscriptions * Real Estate Listings * Travel Related Information * Transportation Applications * Utility Information * Messaging Services * Customer Satisfaction Poll Call me now for a FREE analysis and quote and to learn more about IVR applications and phone systems.